A better warmup for runners

Have you ever thought of running as jumping and landing thousands of times in a single workout, oftentimes while moving at top speed? When you think of it this way, touching your toes and just starting out slow hardly seems like a sufficient warmup. A better approach includes activating muscles you’ll use in your workout during a dynamic warmup. We call it Movement Preparation, or Movement Prep, because it prepares your body to move.

"You’ll increase your core body temperature, elongate muscles, and activate key areas for running,” says Craig Friedman, vice president of the performance innovation team at EXOS."

This series of movements also benefits your body on a neurological level, Friedman says. It opens the pathways your brain uses to send messages to your muscles and also helps ingrain proper movement patterns. Simply put, this makes you a more efficient runner.

Here are four more ways Movement Prep will make you better:

  1. Movement Prep helps balance your body. Every time your foot hits the ground, your body has to rebalance itself. Training your balance dynamically with Movement Prep will prepare you to do this.
  2. Movement Prep improves flexibility. You’ll develop new ranges of motion by actively elongating and contracting muscles. Initially, this gets rid of stiffness. Stay consistent with your Movement Prep routine and you’ll maintain your newfound flexibility better.
  3. Movement Prep creates symmetry in your stride. Either a lack of mobility or stability in your body can lead to a difference in stride length where one limb is compensating for another. This typically leads to decreased performance, pain or injury. Movement Prep helps clear up these asymmetries.
  4. Movement Prep boosts power, strength, and endurance. You’ll move more efficiently, which means you’ll cover more distance with the same amount of effort and energy, and you can push off the ground with more power in every stride.

Get moving.

Make sure to spend five to seven minutes before doing any sort of activity warming up. It will pay off in the long run and help you to enjoy your workouts. To create your own Movement Prep routine, you can do a combination of 5-10 repetitions of Drop Lunges, Knee Hugs, and External Hip Rotations, for example or download the adidas All Day App for free workouts and much more.