Better Breakfast, Better Day

31 million people skip breakfast according to a recent study. That’s a shame since having a morning meal can help with weight loss, boost your performance in your workouts, and even improve your concentration.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to create a breakfast that tastes good and will either help you refuel after a morning workout or fuel up for one you plan to do later in the day. You can find seven-ingredient breakfast recipes in the new All Day app. Or, try following these four simple breakfast rules from EXOS.


Bright fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with micronutrients (such as folate, carotenoids, B6, B12, C, E, zinc, copper, iron, and selenium) which can be helpful to your immune system and even help reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress, according to EXOS.

In particular, sweet potatoes contain phytochemicals that have powerful anti-inflammatory effects within the body, according to the adidas nutrition principle “Colorful is Powerful.” Meanwhile, the anthocyanins found in blackberries can protect your brain health and healthy fat-packed avocados have heart-helping benefits, experts say.

Better Breakfast, Better DayFOCUS ON PROTEIN.

“Protein ensures growth, regeneration, and development in every cell of your body,” according to the adidas nutrition principle “Protein Renews.”

And you don’t have to pile on bacon, sausage, or any meat whatsoever to get the benefits. Vegetarian  ingredients such as almond butter, Greek yogurt, and eggs can help keep you full, improve your mood, and stabilize your energy levels. It’s especially important for exercisers looking to get stronger and build lean muscle. So if you work out first thing in the morning, getting adequate amounts of protein in your post-sweat session breakfast is imperative.


That said, combining your protein with healthy carbs provides a one-two muscle-building punch. It’s especially important to add healthy carbs to your post-workout breakfast since they work together with protein to optimize muscle repair, while warding off soreness, according to research.

Multitask this rule with rule #1 by eating a sweet potato for breakfast – it’s an untraditional A.M. food that’s easy to prepare and a perfect way to start the day. Alternatively, whole grain bread can be a great vessel for eggs and avocado or a healthy twist on French toast. (Find recipes for both of these in the adidas All Day app!) It’s the simple carbs you want to avoid (think: white flour) but whole grains, seeds, and starchy veggies are a great way to add fiber and energy to your morning.

Also important to note: If your workouts go up in time or intensity, your carbohydrate needs may also increase.


Better Breakfast, Better DayIncluding a small portion of fat in your meal can help enhance your mental focus as you start the day as well as minimize inflammation (a natural side effect of exercise). What’s more, good-for-you fats, such as omega 3s, also help with satiety aso you won’t be starving three hours before lunchtime. If you get sick of avocado (impossible!) add nuts or seeds to your morning meal instead. What to avoid: trans – and hydrogenated fats such as fried food (yup, that means hash browns are out.)

Taking part in the discovery on All Day will show you how using principles to guide food choices can simplify your overall diet, and will help you build momentum with consistently great breakfasts. You’ll learn to expand your mind about how to use foods and ingredients within your nutrition gameplan, which will increase your confidence in the kitchen and will compound into upgrading your life.