Better than Water

You’ve heard it a million times: you should drink eight glasses of water a day. But, that age-old wisdom may not be the only way to approach hydration. The amount of liquid you should consume is actually not one-size-fits all. But getting enough certainly is as important as that idiom implies.

"Did you know that getting enough H20 can actually impact everything from your memory to how alert you are to how well you perform during a workout?"

Did you know that getting enough H20 can actually impact everything from your memory to how alert you are to how well you perform during a workout? When it comes to the latter, even a two percent reduction in fluid loss during exercise can reduce your performance – especially if you’re sweating for more than 90 minutes, says a Position Stand in Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise. 

But, plain H20 can get boring really fast. And soda and sports drinks can be packed with sugar and chemicals. Infusing your water with fruit and other ingredients, though, can make it taste better which has the helpful perk of making you actually want to drink more of it. Try adding ingredients such as cucumber slices, orange wedges, and even herbs like rosemary or basil, to your agua.

Better than WaterIn addition to the yum-factor, these ingredients can also help add electrolytes to your beverage. (For instance, oranges contain potassium and calcium.) You can even get super creative and mix ingredients such as mint, honeydew, and jalapeno. (For full recipes, check out the new adidas All Day app.)

While some say eight glasses a day, other experts add that it’s smart to drink one to three cups of fluid before “activities that cause vigorous or sustained sweating.” But the thing is, there is no simple answer to the question: How much should I drink in a day? Or even to: How much should I drink during a workout? Both answers depend on your individual physiology as well as other factors such as how much you exercise and the climate you live in. But, here are three ways to ensure you’re striking the right balance:


Sure, it sounds gross but experts say this is the best way to ensure you’re not getting too dehydrated (or on the flip side – dangerously overhydrated) during your workout. It’s super simple too. Simply observe your urine after a workout – it should be light yellow in color (never dark!)


Weigh yourself before and after a workout, experts say. If you lose more than two percent of your bodyweight, you’re note hydrated enough so experiment and drink more the next time.


Better than WaterAdding herbs, spices, or flavors to your water can add antioxidants, electrolytes, and/or vitamins that can further help your body learn to rehydrate. Antioxidants help the body heal, recover, and work more efficiently. Adding in electrolytes from certain fruits, vegetables, or additions into our water will only improve the speed at which our body can rehydrate after activity.


At the end of the day, if you feel thirsty, drink! If you don’t, you probably aren’t dehydrated. The oft-undervalued idea of paying attention to your body’s cues is actually the best way to ensure you stay properly hydrated. In addition to feeling thirsty, other signs your body might need some h20 include dry mouth, difficulty spitting, and an increased heart rate.