Yogis: Salute the Sun Today

adidas ambassadors and yoga teachers around the world are celebrating the International Day of Yoga by saluting the sun at sunrise in their respective city. Here, popular yoga teacher Chelsey Korus shares what the days means to her – and how you can get involved.

June 21st is a special day: It’s the summer solstice, the longest day of the year – and it’s the third annual International Day of Yoga. Here’s why this day is so important in yoga history: It is said that the first yogi (known as Adiyogi) named his disciples (the Seven Sages), who would spread yoga around the world, on the summer solstice. (Read more about the legend of Adiyogi here.)

Yogis: Salute the Sun Today

To celebrate last year, we told you all the reasons yoga is as good as a gym workout. This year, adidas is doing something really special. To salute the global sunrise today, June 21st, 2017, adidas asked a fleet of influencers and yoga teachers around the world to Instagram themselves doing a Sun Salutation in their city.

“The best sunrise spot in my city is at the top of the Elfin Forrest in San Diego County because the Santa Rosa Mountain views are absolutely breathtaking at that time,” says Chelsey Korus, a reknowned yoga teacher (she’s been teaching since she was just 15-years-old!) participating in this project of positivity. “The sun rises from the east up and over the shoulder of the mountain and there’s this moment where everything around you becomes illuminated. Pure magic!”

The idea to time the pose to the sunrise is no coincidence. “The sunrise symbolizes a renewed spirit,” says Korus. “If I could put words to the feeling I get when I sit and watch the sunrise it would be, “No more playing small with your life. There is always a way.”


Keep an eye on @adidas Instagram today as the sun salutation images populate beginning with yogis who are the furthest east (Singapore) and slowly moving west (to New York) throughout the day. The images will appear as the sun rises. It’s a way to celebrate how unifying the practice of yoga truly is.

“To see oneself more clearly, which yoga helps you to do, means you have the capacity and the compassion to see someone else. In this way I see yoga uniting human beings from all over the world,” says Korus. << The participants will seal their practice with their hands in prayer position, acknowledging the soul within other beings around the world (Namaste).

Yogis: Salute the Sun Today


“I am so incredibly honored to join this global salute to the practice that has changed my life,” says Korus, citing this poem by William Stafford:

How you stand here is important.

How you listen for the next things to happen.

How you breathe.

“In this important way, on June 21st, yogis from all over the world will stand and breathe together,” says Korus. “That, to me, is a powerful thing.”

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